Kind customer surprises waitress with R30 000 tip as special New Year wishes

Josephine 10/01/2021 Report I want to comment

  Kelly Armagh, who works at her family's juice bar thought the year would start just as normal for her. But a regular client decided to give her something to laugh at -- was serving time for a lady who visited their store twice a week, and Kelly learned to be shocked by the woman who left R30, 000.

  A US waitress went to bank smiling after a kind customer left her a R30,000 tip and a sweet text message.

  Kelly Arma, an employee of the Miami Squeeze Company, went about her daily business and then served a customer with a bill of about R1,062.

  The woman told reporter that the customer frequented their juice bar at least twice a week.

  So, the Good Samaritan took her drink then asked for the bill…as per her normal.

  Then she paid the bill and added a large sum -- 30,000 rand -- to it.Kelly thought she might have misread the cue.When she realized that her eyes were not deceiving her, the waiter came up to the customer and asked her if she had accidentally tipped her too much, which she did not believe was true.

“We went back to her and asked, ‘Are you sure?’ and she said, ‘Yes, of course, I’m so grateful for you guys and I want to give back,” the waitress said. 

  This customer wanted to start the New Year with a sense of gratitude, and the best way she could think of to do that was to pay tribute to the people who have always served her.

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