Father of 5 abandons his wife after she gives birth to quadruplets

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  A father of five abandoned his wife after she gave birth to quadruplets on Saturday, January 2.The man left his wife and their nine children and shirked the responsibility of raising the children with his wife.

  The news was posted on the Internet.According to the woman, the mother, Rita Ndibisu, needs the help of the public to take care of her child.

  Someone appealed to good people to come and help Rita and her children.

  The mother of five gave birth to quadruplets while her husband was nowhere to be found.

  Someone commented:"She needs help and assistance, for diapers, baby food, baby clothes, wipes and so on. Your little contribution will go a long way and will be well appreciated. Thanks and God bless." 

  How do you think of this story? Will you forgive this man and what will you do if you meet this situation?

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