Young lady says women who don't have R20K in their account don't deserve men

Josephine 05/01/2021 Report I want to comment

  A woman with the Twitter has taken to the social media platform to say that a broke woman with less than R20K  don't deserve men.

  She wrote on Twitter: “A woman that doesn’t have up to [R20k] in her account doesn’t deserve a man.”

  Some disagreed with her, sharing their views in the comments section of her post.

People commented as following:

"Na wa o. People will wake up n type rubbish. Make fire no burn the one in your account so you also become undeserving of a man. Yeye."

"For the first time you have such amount in your account now, you shouldn't allow others to rest."

"How much do you have in your account currently? Don't lie pls!" 

"Which means I don't only deserve a man, I deserve men in my life." 

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