Woman showing off her facial tattoo has gone viral on South African Twitter. SA people are judging the lady's decision.

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  Tattoos are timeless and it's important to make a good decision when getting one.A image of a woman with a facial tattoo called "Sphiwe" has caught the attention of many South Africans on social media.

  In the photo, the unnamed woman looks happy with the name tattooed on her cheek.The photo went viral after it was shared by Twitter users.

  While this strange choice of tattoo has attracted a lot of attention,many SAns decided to troll the lady based on her decision. 

  This image has gone viral as South Africans discuss getting names tattooed.Below are some of the responses to the viral image.

"I think Sphiwe must lead Men's Conference this year." 

"Sphiwe to replace Ramaphosa as the president." 

"I aspire to be Sphiwe." 

"Do people really do this to themselves... It's really unbelievable." 

  How do you think of this woman's tattoo?  Where would you choose to get your tattoo? Welcome to comment us belowing!

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