Sad Woman Found Out Her Man Has Been Unfaithful For All Their Five Long Years Together

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  Finding someone you love and thinking that your forever lover has been cheating on you is something that no one deserves to go through.Unfortunately, a South African woman recently experienced this firsthand.

  LeratoRamatsob1 shared on Twitter that when she celebrated her fifth wedding anniversary with her boyfriend, she was shocked to discover that he was also celebrating his seventh wedding anniversary with another woman.

"I found out that the guy I have been dating for 5 fucking years is celebrating his 7th anniversary with someone. Guys I can't breathe," she wrote sadly. 

  Soon, locals flooded the comments section.While others tried to make sense of what they had just read, and many shared thoughtful information in the hope of cheering her up.Check out some of their comments below.

  One commented:"Maan I believe signs are always there. Lerato ngwanesu how did you miss this?? I'm so sorry though I feel your pain."

  "Uxono. Mina the man I've been married to for 6 years has 2 kids behind my back and has been living with his makhwapheni for 2 years when he informed me then he's going to hustle work." Another replied.

  "I hope you never blame yourself for someone’s unfaithfulness." Someone comforted.

  This sad woman found out her man has been unfaithful for all their five long years together. 

  In other news,being cheated on in love sometimes really hurts.A young Mzansi man can attest to this when he shared his suspicions about his girlfriend very openly cheating on him.

  This man shared a picture that his girlfriend posted on her social media of herself enjoying a glass of red wine while another man's arm rested not-so-innocently on her thigh.

  Guys, I don't know.Maybe I'm overreacted.Let me ask.If your people post this on their status.What was the first thing that came to your mind?Please don't ignore it.I am weak, "he added sadly.

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