WARM-HEARTED| Young lady with no income uses donations to feed homeless twice a week

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  Noble Virgil is a lady with a big heart.Nobuhle currently has no source of income, but uses donations and volunteer help to feed the homeless every Wednesday and Sunday.Last Christmas, she fed over 500 people.

  According to Nobuhle, with the help of kind-hearted volunteers, she also served food to some of the homeless on January 1.She says she gets food donations from friends and family, which allows her to cook and feed those in need.

 Her full post read:

"We cooked for the homeless on Christmas day... 500+ of them got a nutritious plate of rice, chicken, salad and a fresh glass of juice. I am staying because the same people who volunteered to help me prepare and serve food for the homeless also came through and we did the same on New Year's Day. "I have zero sources of income but every Wednesday and Sunday I manage to feed the homeless (vegetable stew and bread) from food donations that I get from my friends and family. May God bless all my volunteers and may He continue to protect and bless the homeless. "I do not just give them food, I have conversations with them and I do learn a lot from them, which makes me look forward to my soup kitchens every week. " 

  Stayers was impressed by her selfless act.Here are some of the comments Nobuhle received:

  "That is wonderful and amazing. God bless all your neighbours who donate veggies, and rice and all the ingredients. It is incredible what can be done, even without having money yourself. Amazing."

"This is an amazing compassionate action. You are blessed you are a spiritual activist. Love in action. May the light shine upon you & bless you."

"May God richly bless you, my dear."

"You are amazing!!!" 

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