Roumour Confirmed| Pearl Modiadie confirms split from French baby daddy

Josephine 05/01/2021 Report I want to comment

  It seems that the rumours were correct, pear Mignon indeed break up with her mysterious baby daddy shortly after welcoming their first child.

  The media personality has posted stories on her Instagram hinting that she was single and happier.The screenshots were shared on Internet.

  One of post read : “Alone is much better than being unhappy.”

  She continued: "My dream was to have the family I always wanted, but I didn't get it.But my beautiful son was born, and For that I will always be grateful.

  Pearl has always been very protective of her love life and has kept her relationships out of the spotlight.Even her pregnancy is a private matter, as she has only recently shared a few photos of her son Olivier.

  Pearl Modi has confirmed that she broke up with the father of her baby.

  After Posting her latest milestone online, Pearl Modi has clapped back at those who have accused her of showing off.The radio host turned 33 this week and proudly shared that she had paid off the mortgage on the home she bought for her father.

  Many commentators responded with her blessings, but others posted that she was bragging about her accomplishments.Pearl responded to the criticism by writing that she works hard for what she has and will continue to celebrate her victories."She wrote on Twitter:

"Ngisebenza kanzima and I will always celebrate my wins!! Whether privately or publicly!" 

  Pearl's response sparked a larger debate about showing off on social media because of its nature in sharing information with others.Some Twitter users responded and applauded Pearl for defending her actions, while others discussed it.

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