A stunning teacher posted pics of herself on Twitter which started a fierce debate between male tweeps

Josephine 05/01/2021 Report I want to comment

  A gorgeous teacher posted a message on Twitter about how she has a love-hate relationship with her job. Buther message is not what got people's attention, it was her stunning figure and her beautiful face. Many South African men left comments in the comments section, some wondering how anyone managed to focus on their work in her class. 

  Here are some funny reactions to Mzansi men joining in the conversation shared in the comments section.

  Netizens have been taking to social media platform to find out how the children passed her class.

 One commented "X is equal to negative b plus or minus the square root of b squared minus 4a multiplied by c , all over 2a." "You are parabolically shaped, I'd define you as y= x^2 , for me to find values of X I will use the equation above. Can I please shift the graph upwards by 1 unit sisi wami?" 

"Now I understand why kids fail at school... I wouldn't be shocked if the Matric results would drop."Another commented.

"Ethics and code of conduct, SACE intervene pls. I'm a teacher myself but I can't go to work like this. It's a big no. You are killing this generation you are not building." One teacher commented.

How do you think of this gorgeous teacher?Will the students passed in her class with a clear distraction in the room? Please leave your comments at belowing!

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